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We are remedial building experts. Whether you’re grappling with a leaky deck or a leaky home, wanting to address weathertightness concerns at a commercial property, or wanting to manage larger-scale challenges within multi-unit complexes, Four Four Five is ready to provide expert assistance.
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If you require expert remedial building services, we’re here to help you.

We have helped hundreds of clients rectify weathertightness issues by leveraging our extensive experience and expertise to orchestrate top-tier, comprehensive solutions. Our commitment extends beyond individual homes to encompass large commercial premises and multi-unit apartment blocks and complexes.

Recognizing the substantial financial commitment associated with property ownership and management, we are dedicated to mitigating stress and implementing cost-effective solutions tailored to your unique needs.


Having navigated the challenges of addressing weathertightness issues firsthand, we empathize with your frustration and understand how daunting it all can be. Four Four Five will organise all required project trades so you don’t have to. We have extensive experience and knowledge and are committed to managing every project alongside expert suppliers and licenced sub-contractors, guaranteeing that our work adheres to the highest quality standard. Our team includes scaffolders and shrink wrap, licenced builders, licenced waterproofers, licenced roofers, plasterers, painters and other ancillary trades.

Service & Expertise

Drawing from our extensive 30-years experience and knowledge in the property and remediation industry, we are committed to finding a tailored solution that suits your needs and budget. Four Four Five prides itself on our open communication, so you will be kept informed and updated every step of the project.


At Four Four Five, our reputation is built on a foundation of friendliness, a strong work ethic, and open communication. Our team is dedicated to maintaining a friendly and approachable atmosphere, ensuring that our clients feel comfortable reaching out to us with their needs. We take pride in our commitment to a robust work ethic, consistently delivering high-quality results that exceed expectations. Moreover, open communication is a cornerstone of our operations. We prioritize transparency and actively engage with our clients, keeping them informed every step of the way.


Craig Duffy
Managing Director

I have been in the building and construction industry for the past 30 years. After completing my degree in Property Administration from the University of Auckland, my first job was as a Site Manager in the commercial construction sector, and I’ve been in the building and property industry ever since.

At Four Four Five our team tackles property weathertightness projects when others may not. If we need to pull in an extra helping pair of hands, we have experienced tradespeople, subcontractors and suppliers we know we can rely on. Whether you are a home owner, investor, manager of body corporates, or a property manager for commercial premises, Four Four Five are the exterior remediation experts to help you.

Leaky homes

Do you own and/or live in a property built in the ‘leaky home’ era between 1995-2004, or the poorly constructed homes of more recent times? These properties have a risk of leaking. If your home is one of these and is experiencing just one of these common leaky home problems, you’ll need a robust solution, and that’s where Four Four Five can help.
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1. Flat roofs or roofs with parapets
2. Roof to wall junctions
3. Pergola fixings
4. Handrail fixings
5. Lack of flashings to windows and penetrations
6. Decks over living areas
7. Balustrade to deck or balustrade to wall junctions
8. Clearances at bottom of claddings
9. Level of ground outside is above interior floor level