Deck rebuilds

Do you own a home or live in a multi-unit complex which suffers from a compromised and leaking deck? Perhaps your deck has become so unsightly or worse, a hazard.  Now is the time to act. Upgrade and enhance your outdoor space with Four Four Five’s expert deck replacement services. Count on us for reliable repairs and unmatched service and quality.
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Failing deck membrane?

This often occurs in properties built pre-2004 with problematic detailing. These decks were built to the old building code and lack adequate fall to allow runoff. They typically have a butynol, torch-on, or fibreglass membrane which have failed over time and are beyond their intended lifespan. These decks often have direct-fixed screed and tiles which hold the water and accelerate the likelihood of failure.

Trusted deck replacement professionals

As part of the deck remediation process, we conduct a comprehensive investigation and engage in discussions about various repair or reconstruction options, considering associated budgetary requirements. Failures in old membranes can result from poor installation, age, or insufficient maintenance. Deck reconstruction typically involves multiple trades, such as scaffold and shrinkwrap, builders, plasterers, waterproofers, tilers, joinery specialists, and painters. Our team is experienced in replacing failed or leaking membranes and can efficiently manage the entire process.

We prefer to shrinkwrap and enclose the area due for remediation. It comes at a higher price point, but it will allow for a seamless repair given the inclement weather patterns we typically have to endure.