Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your residence or enhance the professional appearance of your commercial space with Four Four Five’s skilled exterior painting services.
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Our team of proficient painters use high-quality paints to bring durability,  vibrancy, and protection to your property. You can count on Four Four Five for a lasting and stylish exterior that stands the test of time.

Professional exterior house painters

Creating a good first impression when guests arrive at your home is important. The color and quality of paint on the exterior of your home play a significant role in that. That’s why painting is a popular home improvement choice—it gives you, as the homeowner, a chance to refresh both the inside and outside of your home. If it’s been  7 to 10 years since your home’s last repaint, re-stain, or a while since it was last washed, get in touch with us today. With help from our team at Four Four Five, you can return to a property that feels renewed and reflects your personal style.

Commercial painters

Whether it’s revitalizing office or retail spaces or giving an entire factory a fresh coat, we specialize in delivering cost-effective solutions that are both timely and budget-friendly. Enhance your environment while boosting your business’s professional image.  We will work closely with you from start to finish to tailor a solution that meets your specific needs. Our professional painting team provides a high-quality service and is equipped to handle the painting needs of offices, retail spaces, or industrial premises of any size.

Plaster repairs

Have you just received a builder’s report which has identified some (or many) areas of concern with your property’s plaster cladding? Or do you feel your property is due for targeted repairs?  Depending on how extensive the plaster deterioration is, you may wish to consider a new warrantable plaster system laid over the top of the existing plaster to form a new barrier of protection. We can assist with a scope of work for plaster repairs tailored to your circumstances. Four Four Five has the technical knowledge to provide remedial plaster recommendations and solutions.

Quality standard and finish

Your property needs to withstand the harsh New Zealand climate. Quality is therefore a top priority when it comes to exterior property painting. To ensure longevity of the new paint system, painting the exterior of your home or building must be carried out with quality workmanship and materials. From partial to full repainting, we completely manage your project from start to finish. We have builders and plasterers on hand should the need arise to repair or replace certain cladding elements. Safety is a high consideration, so we’ll make a recommendation on whether scaffolding is required. If so, we will organise this trade as part of the quote.