Enhancing your property by recladding will not only boost the structural integrity but also revitalize the overall aesthetics, thereby reinstating and elevating the value of your home.
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Recladding a house can be a long, drawn-out process but we pride ourselves on our nimble yet comprehensive approach. Our full-service capability spans from design concept to the completion of your project. We’re here to seamlessly guide you through every step of recladding your home with a professional and friendly touch.

Full & partial residential reclads

If you find yourself at a stage in your home ownership journey where your home’s equity allows for a reclad or you’ve been in your residence long enough to make an economically sensible investment in recladding, or if you’re gearing up to sell post-reclad—let’s delve deeper into the conversation. We understand that contemplating a reclad involves significant financial decisions. Whether you’re dipping into retirement funds or taking on debt for the project, we recognize the weight of the prospect.

Our approach to fixing leaky homes

When you are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars you want to know you have made the right decision about your building team. It takes great planning and a well-managed process to reclad a home. Four Four Five can help with everything from design input, the consent process, the onsite works, through to completion, handover and final documentation. Once the project is underway, we will manage all required sub trades, maintain a safe and tidy work area, and communicate regularly with you. Typically, there can be many surprises along the way, but if there are, we will help make the journey less bumpy and overwhelming.

Recladding a house - other things to consider

Often, the homes requiring a reclad are 20+ years old, and their designs and layouts may not suit today’s lifestyles, i.e., open plan, easy flow. We mention to our clients to consider and potentially allow for an internal upgrade while the house is a construction site. Consider a new kitchen, removal or opening up of a wall for better light and flow, upgrading electrics, carpets, interior painting etc. These added extras can swallow tens of thousands if not a hundred thousand dollars if not planned early and managed expertly. These other considerations are pertinent if you are thinking of selling, as you may want to present your property in an ‘as new’ condition before you go to market.

The Building Act was amended in 2004 requiring a cavity for most claddings, therefore any home built prior to, should be professionally checked for moisture-related issues and leaks, to better understand the likely extent of degradation.